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Gold Stamp Program
To Reduce Pressure Ulcers 


The New York’s Gold STAMP (Success Through Assessment, Management, and Prevention) Program to Reduce Pressure Ulcers is a model for health care providers throughout the state as health care reform efforts focus on achieving cross-setting collaboration and coordination of care and improving care for high-cost conditions like pressure ulcers.

Led by the Department of Health (DOH), HANYS (Healthcare Association of New York State), and various partnering organizations, Gold STAMP provides evidence-based resources and education to hospitals, nursing homes, and home- and community-based providers to support a systems-based approach to pressure ulcer prevention, assessment, and management.

Gold STAMP encourages neighboring providers to establish coordinated, multi-setting projects to fight pressure ulcers along the entire continuum of care. Facilitated by a series of regional conferences, these local networks come together to share best practices and lessons learned with their peers. Through participation in Gold STAMP conferences, new cross-setting partnerships and collaboratives aimed at reducing pressure ulcers are formed.

Drawing from several statewide pilot programs, the coalition created an organizational self-assessment tool, electronic resource guide, and action plan template to help providers work together to achieve Gold STAMP’s goals.

According to a DOH spokesman, Gold STAMP is particularly important and relevant in the context of health care reform: “This is an evidence-based quality improvement [program] that engages caregivers to change their patterns of care and incorporates interventions to improve care continuity and transitions of care.”

Always There is now an integral part for this great program! The New York State Gold Stamp Program To Reduce Pressure Ulcers partners for Ulster County include: Always There, Health Alliance, Ten Broeck Commons, Hospice, Inc. and the Mountainside Residential Care Center.



Always There
has been committed to excellence in home care since 1970. That commitment is as strong today as it was over 40 years ago. By providing quality care through a full continuum of home care services, using trained and skilled professionals, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our communities, caregivers, clients and patients. Through personalized teaching, guiding, assisting, customer service and patient care we provide the highest level of independence and dignity to people in their home. Always There Family Home Health Services is the right choice for any patient who needs skilled, in–home nursing care and whose insurance requires that the care is provided by a certified agency. All care is provided by licensed home health professionals, including registered professional nurses, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Dietitians and Medical Social Workers.

At Always There we are dedicated to provide compassionate, quality care in the comfort of your home. We offer a full spectrum of skilled nursing services (Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses).

Services include:
• Assessment of Vital Signs
• Foley Catheter Insertion
• Injections
• Intravenous Therapy
• Health Status
• Health Teaching: Diabetes, Diet & Nutrition, Disease
• Medication Instruction
• Ostomy Care
• Wound Care
• PT/INR in-home testing

The Always There IV Therapy Team consists of skilled registered professional nurses certified in IV Therapy. The program offers a comprehensive range of services to patients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric. The Team coordinates all arrangements for medication and IV equipment.
Our specially trained Home Intravenous Therapy Team provides a wide range of services, including:
• Administration of IV Medications
• Maintenance of IV Access Lines, such as PICC Lines and Ports
• Teaching Caregivers to Administer TPN (Total Parental Nutrition)
• Teaching Caregivers to Administer IV Medications


Always There’s expectant mother services are provided by RN’s. Expectant moms can have a range of in-home health care needs. You may need support to manage your gestational diabetes. Women who are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy may require special medical attention.

Your Always There Registered Nurse can provide you with:
• Assessment of Vital Signs, Health Status
• Fetal Heart Monitoring
• Health Teaching and Training

You've just had a baby; one of the most important and happiest events in your life. Your Always There Registered Nurse can provide you with:
• Health Teaching and Training
• Newborn Assessment 
• Postpartum Physical and Depression Screenings

Always There’s infant and children services are provided by RN’s. After your baby is born, you’ll want to be sure he or she is healthy and is growing properly. We can help. Always There’s team can also answer questions about caring for your baby, and show you how to breastfeed, diaper, feed, dress, and bathe your baby safely.

Always There also specializes in in-home nursing services for children and young adults with serious medical conditions. We provide compassionate, high quality health care directly to your home.

The services include:

• Assessment of Vital Signs, Health Status
• Health Teaching and Training
• Infant Care Training
• Parental Training and Care of Pediatric Patients: Accidents,
Illness and Disease
• Parental Training in the Care of Children with Birth Defects

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is the most common respiratory virus in infants and young children. Premature Infants Are At High Risk for  RSV Disease. In most cases, the virus causes symptoms resembling the common cold. RSV can cause a severe, life-threatening disease. Each year, 125,000 infants in the United States are hospitalized with severe RSV infections, the leading cause of infant hospitalization.

Always There’s RNs provide:
• Monthly visits between October and April to administer Synagis Injections, an FDA-approved monoclonal anti-RSV antibody.


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