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Loved One Survey

Take Our Loved One Survey ~ Help is right around the corner.

By taking our Always There Senior Survey it may help you better understand whether the time may have come to pursue care options for your loved one. There are options available that Always There can assist you and your loved one with.

If you check more than three positive answers, then please contact us to see how we can assist you.

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Is your loved one losing weight or not eating?
Does your loved one fail to speak normally or have trouble communicating?
Are there signs of confusion such as not knowing the date, or where he/she is?
Has your loved one withdrawn socially or is he/she less communicative?
Does your loved one fail to recognize you or know your name?
Are there foul smells coming from the refrigerator and cupboards?
Is the home cluttered and does it have newspapers and mail accumulated?
Does your loved one have angry or frustrating outbursts?
Is your loved one wearing clothing that is dirty or has food stains?
Does your loved one wear the same outfit day after day?
Is it apparent your loved one is not showering or bathing?
Does your loved one fail to comb/style their hair or brush their teeth?
Does your loved one have difficulty finishing tasks at home, work or leisure?
Has your loved one withdrawn from social gatherings or work?
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